Deploying an Insurance Enterprise Software at Scale in the Covid-19 Era

Like many other companies around the planet, Covid-19 outbreak is currently transforming the way Zelros is operating. This turbulent situation has many consequences on firms like us. That’s why we must remain proactive!

To help our employees preserve their health, and comply with the government recommendations — and because our software edition activity allows it — we of course took radical decisions and moved to remote work since the beginning of the week.

Beyond our team, it is also our duty to help our customers in this special moment. Our clients are large insurers and bancassurers. They use our software to better serve their own clients, answering to them faster, and providing them with more suitable covers. Today they are at the core of the crisis because they have to take care of their policyholders, and they are a cornerstone of the global health system. In addition to that, they are often unfamiliar with distributed working at scale — they have to cope with this new and uncertain situation.

That’s why we decided at Zelros to urgently set up a new way of interacting with our current and future clients, in order to allow them to keep on deploying and using our solution, with a seamless experience.

By doing this, we realized that we were creating — at our small level — a positive impact to their operations. In a way, we were making Covid-19 an opportunity to discover new frontiers.

We wanted to share this story, and present the first framework we put in place in just one day. Our system relies on the usage of a set of tools and more importantly on empowering the client teams we’re working together with new ways of collaborating.

Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft Teams to set up a single gathering point for the project teams, allowing web meetings, communication and sharing of non-sensitive files.


Our product is highly configurable, to suit various specific customer contexts. During the initial deployment phase, we have to brainstorm with the end users (advisors and contact center representatives), to identify the best way to set up the solution. This is traditionally done through gamestorming sessions. To emulate this remotely, we use Mural app.


For ticketing and task tracking, we set up the well known Jira. It helps teams to have visibility on structured activities like validation of our software configuration.


Our solution is highly data intensive. To share anonymized, but sensitive datasets, we use Cryptobox.

Want to try our software to solve your Coronavirus current challenges? Contact us!



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