Being an AI-First Insurer in 2028

What will a day of work of an insurer look like in 2028?

That’s not easy to say…

Machine Learning scores will replace business rules

Current insurers almost only manage their processes with basic if / then hand-crafted business rules, built from decades of operating experiences:

  • if a client has more than X claims in a year, then forward the case to this dedicated person
  • if the client is in this age range, and has a credit score in that range, then make a quote with this price

Client centric AI-ready organisations will replace silos

Incumbents carriers are organised in a very sequential way, reflecting the insurance life cycle: product engineering, pricing, marketing, distribution, sales, underwriting, claim processing, fraud detection, churn tracking, customer assistance, …

Conversations with AIs will replace clicks

Insurance employees struggle with inconvenient softwares

Towards end-to-end AI-operated insurers

This will be the path towards end-to-end AI-operated insurers, delivering new and better client services — and we at Zelros are on a mission to be at the center of this revolution.

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