by Elliot Hofman, Data Scientist at Zelros

(This article is the third part of a blog-post series about accident reports automation. Check the introduction if you need a refreshing on previous chapters!)

Data generation is a trend topic nowadays. Some absolutely astonishing applications have recently emerged in various machine learning…

by Elliot Hofman, Data Scientist at Zelros

In Machine Learning -and that is probably what makes it so interesting- there are often several ways to tackle the same problem. Depending on how we choose to model the task, each step will be impacted. How are we going to obtain the…

By Elliot Hofman, Data Scientist at Zelros

Our mission at Zelros is to bring Artificial Intelligence to insurance companies, and enable them to offer a better service to both the insurers and their policyholders. In fact, even if the digital area has already started to reshape the insurance industry, many…

A short history of enterprise usage of Data

When you look into the past, you realize that the vocabulary used to describe the intelligent usage of data has evolved a lot.

Everything started in 2012, with the term Big Data. Remember? It was when the planet understood that our society was going to generate gigantic amounts of data…

Promoting a B2B enterprise software is a long and complex process. A product never sells by itself. You always need to interact with many people, and this is particularly true with very large customers, like insurers and bancassurers.

This is also what makes the journey so exciting. You have to…

By partnering with Zelros, AssurOne — the leading digital insurance broker — is accelerating the insurance underwriting process, encouraging the development of its employees’ skills and laying the foundations for a new customer experience.

Paris, 14th April 2020 — “Creating new uses through artificial intelligence”. With these words, François Ly

Like many other companies around the planet, Covid-19 outbreak is currently transforming the way Zelros is operating. This turbulent situation has many consequences on firms like us. That’s why we must remain proactive!

To help our employees preserve their health, and comply with the government recommendations — and because our…

Zelros invests in new areas of innovation to revive the relationship between insurers and policyholders.

Paris, January 23, 2020 — In 2020, the commitment of Zelros remains the same: to keep innovating in order to revive the experience offered by insurers. After providing them with the tools to analyze all…

A strategic arrival to expand the deployment of its technological solutions for insurance players and establish its status as a key partner.

Paris, January 9, 2020 — “Helping our clients maximize their ROI” is how Paul-Henri Chabrol defines his role within Zelros. To do so, an ambitious roadmap was entrusted…

Photo credit: Claudio Schwarz

Zelros, the French Artificial Intelligence specialist in the field of insurance and bancassurance, officially announces the opening of their new German offices. Euler Hermes’ ex Head of Sales will become the German director.

Paris, 9 December 2019 — “It’s the second European market!” These are the words of Christophe Bourguignat

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